Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blogging and COL: not a good combination

The most challenging thing about writing a blog is not finding the time and energy to do it, or dealing with the technological aspects, but trying to type with one or more cats on my lap. Don't they understand that my laptop computer belongs there? This was not part of the lesson on blogging. What does Web 2.0 have to offer the average person with COL (cat on lap)?

Besides helping lower blood pressure, COL can be used as the perfect excuse to avoid folding clean clothes, taking out the garbage, and replying to all those pesky e-mails. The only things you can comfortably do when you are COL is read small to medium-size books and eat chocolate. Don't even think of looking up something in the atlas, but a novel is just about the right size.

Although COL may seem like a good way to warm up, especially for those of us with 'poor circulation', as my mother calls it, you really need a fairly large cat or more than one for COL to be an effective treatment. A hot water bottle tends to transfer heat more quickly.

And what does it mean when my cat sleeps through my entire blog? It doesn't bear thinking about.